Light Up Your December


31 Days of Gratitude…

Here we are again – the holiday season, the end of another calendar year.

If you’re like me, you can be gobsmacked by the speed of time.


What happened to 2023? It went by in a flash.

It all moves too fast.

Unless we make a conscious effort to slow it down.


That’s what I do, every year – I slow down December with a daily gratitude practice.

And I invite you + your loved ones to join me!


Collect the light and love of this year


31 Days of Gratitude…


The 31 Days of Gratitude experience is not just about the daily practice it offers –

it is about grateful living.

And living grateful in community is a gift we can give each other –

it is a radical act of faith, hope and love.

I can’t wait to share these 31 Days with YOU!


Beginning on December 1st , and continuing through the end of the month, you will
receive an email each morning including a link directing you to the daily gratitude passage.

The 31 Days of Gratitude experience will live on Paige’s website – you will be able to access all daily passages using a username and password.

These written messages will include stories and musings as well as practical tools
that come from the science of wellbeing – concluding with a prompt to inspire your own gratitude reflections.

As a way to make it easy for you to record your own grateful musings, there will be a PDF provided for those who would like to print the prompts and create a personal journal of what fills your heart with gratitude at this unique time of your life.

On Thursday, January 4th , we will gather online to celebrate the past year well lived and honor our intentions for the year ahead.

Welcome 2024 Online Gathering
3 PM to 4:30 PM (PST)
6 PM to 7:30 PM (EST)

There will be lively conversation, reflection time, music, + most of all, festivity.

*Replay will be provided

``the best gift she's ever received.``

Paige, I wanted to share with you that I gifted 31 Days to two friends. One just texted me that it’s the best gift she’s ever received. And the other one calls me after she listens to the messages to discuss. Your messages are amazing and have made me sit back and reflect. Your words are a gift – thank you!


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*TO GIFT A GROUP OF 7 OR MORE – email to

``beautiful and truthful writing!``

Paige, I received your 31 Days as a gift and I want you to know I am loving it and so grateful for your beautiful and truthful writing!