Here are my big lessons –

every single one of them led me to here…

Family life

I married my “college crush”, Boyd.  Although I met him when I was 19 years old, we didn’t get married until a few days before my 30th birthday.  We learned how to grow up together.  We celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary later this year, and we are still learning.

We have three children – Ryan and Mimi (twin girls, age 16) and Myles (age 14).  We also have two rescue dogs, Lou and Riggs.  Our home life revolves around cooking together (the kids + Boyd do most of the cooking), watching TV shows, and obsessively loving the dogs.  On the weekends, Boyd plays piano and I sit in the backyard and write in my journal. The kids play sports and see their friends and at some point I yell at everyone to get off their screens.  I get waves of fear that I am not doing the family life thing in a way that is “best” for the kids and then everyone is in the kitchen eating chips and salsa and chatting and I am fine. We are doing just fine. Practicing grace and compassion in the midst of everyday marriage and parenting has been a heart-expanding lesson for me. 

Professional Life

My career path has been a winding one but paved with my service to family. I have 12+ years experience working as a college guidance counselor.  I have helped hundreds of high school students and their parents through every step of the college admissions process.  The birth of my own children led me to 6 years of teaching preschool, including three years of teaching Transitional Kindergarten where I helped families through the (often too stressful) kindergarten admissions process.  In between, I have worked as a reading instructor, creative writing teacher, and career counselor.

I have appreciated my time in schools and the reward that comes from being a part of an organization devoted to education.  I am so grateful for the formal curriculum I had to develop to meet the greater mission of a school and/or organization – it is a foundation I stand upon in creating my own curriculum now.  My professional experience has given me the gift of structure, the experience of working in a group, and the opportunity to learn about parenting and family life from the perspective of an educator and counselor.

Creative Entrepreneurial Life

When I was a child, I told people I would be a teacher one day.  I didn’t tell people I also intended to be a writer.  And no one told me that I would need to be an entrepreneur.   Once I learned how to approach my career as an entrepreneur, my life changed.  I learned to claim my creativity and live from a place of deeper self-worth.  As a writer, I am more sure of what I am saying.  As a speaker, I am more vulnerable in my sharing.  As a coach, I understand the value of creative expression in another’s person’s life – because it is the heart of mine.

Lifelong Learning

I attended Vanderbilt University (Nashville) where I studied Human and Organizational Development with an emphasis on Leadership Studies.  After a few years of work experience, I pursued my Masters in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University (New York City) where my research focused on Women, Work and Family.  I am passionate about personal development and spiritual growth.  My learning is a lifelong pursuit and it is the force behind my drive to serve others.  Whether it is attending a women’s conference, a workshop, retreat, or working with a coach, I show up fully and seek self-awareness in the same way I ask my clients to do.  It is a privilege to meet the people I meet in my classes, workshops, and one-on-one journeys.  Their lives become the syllabus for my next life lessons; our exchange becomes the sacred experience of earning our wisdom – together.

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