Live What Matters In Circle

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Live What Matters In Circle

For Women Only

LWM In Circle landing pageFor the past 10 years, I have gathered women in sacred circles across the United States. We’ve met in living rooms, sunrooms, restaurants, public parks, private clubs, porches, churches, and hotels.

Now, I am inviting you to meet me – at home – from the comfort of your own space.

Live What Matters-in-Circle is a six-month online gathering experience for 8 women who are ready to center their lives upon the truest expression of their values and goals, and bring their whole hearts to the relationships in their lives.

This Circle is an opportunity for you to get to know yourself more intimately, improve the quality of your relationships and live better – it’s about connecting to who you are at this particular moment, identifying what matters most to you, and determining how to go about living your life intentionally aligned with your most heartfelt priorities.

This Circle is designed for women who want to:

  • Reconnect with one’s self + revisit needs, desires + dreams
  • Clearly identify core values + set well-thought-out goals
  • Assess how life is organized + restructure daily living in way that aligns with those values and goals
  • Consider recent lessons learned + how to apply them in real time as our collective life unfolds in new ways
  • Find the “yes” and commit to the “no” upon which you can build a future that truly reflects YOU and your heart’s desires
  • Plan for and execute the smallest next right action that moves you in the direction of the life you imagine

Women in this Circle can expect to experience:

  • A shift in outlook that makes the path to living in integrity clear + doable
  • A sense of belonging among a small group of like-minded women who are encouraging + supportive of each other’s journey
  • The focus that comes with heightened life-awareness + the courage that stems from self-knowledge
  • A transformational experience that occurs as a result of showing up for oneself and for others, open-minded and openhearted.

Live what matters workshop

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Here’s how the Circle works:

  • We will meet online once a month for six consecutive months.
  • Each 90-minute gathering will be devoted to discussing how you can best show up in a particular area of life such as partnership, parenthood, friendship, leadership, and more.
  • The online gatherings will begin with a planned presentation of teachings for the designated topic – a combination of ideas from Paige’s studies in psychology, spirituality, personal growth and mindset tools. In response to the teachings, there will be group sharing, and opportunities for Paige to apply the tools and information in specific and practical ways to best serve the group members’ needs.
  • At-home-assignments will be offered throughout the 6 months as a way to help group members optimize self-discovery + be held accountable to desired life changes. Paige will also share video reminders to help participants find ways to apply new strategies to their lives in real time.
  • After each gathering, Paige will provide “Circle Notes” to capture the main ideas and resources exchanged during the meeting. These notes will serve as a summary if the meeting is missed.
  • The online gatherings will not be recorded to preserve confidential sharing.

The Circle will meet at 11 AM (PST) / 2 PM (EST) on either a Wednesday or Friday:

March, April, May, June, July and August

Total Investment = $1200

Live what matters workshop

This is your invitation to experience the witness, the laughter, the understanding, the creative solution, and most of all – the connection – that happens when women come together.

Experience the power of this circle, and get ready to meet the infinite possibilities for your future.

Live What Matters In Circle meets you where you live, but it takes you somewhere you’ve never been…

This Circle will show you the way – and support you as you take your first steps.

The journey is yours. And it starts now.

Let’s go!