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At the heart of my work is the idea that humans want and need to experience meaning in their lives. We want our existence to matter – we want to be acknowledged.

We are born with the inkling to carve our name into the side of a tree, to pick up a Sharpie, and sign a spot on a public wall: I was here.

Of course, we want this – because we are uniquely aware that we won’t always be here.

If we can build meaningful lives, we can believe that our existence can transcend our mortality. This is primary to being human.

I get to witness people seeking and making meaning in their lives every day – and I’ve come to believe that each of us has our own path to living what matters. Along the way, our direction can be found through reflection, self-awareness, intention, and of course, courage.

Welcome to Open Pages

Open Pages is a series of online talks that invite you to exactly where you are and keep you moving towards a meaningful life.

The Open Pages topics will reflect the various resonant components of conscious living and each topic will be addressed in three meetings.

With lightness and optimism, the Open Pages will weave together stories, writings, and teachings that invite you into a deeper, closer look at Life and how you can contemplate and understand yours.

Open Pages inspires the one conversation that is most essential to living well – the conversation you have with yourself.

You can sit still, relax, listen and simply be present to participate.

And when you get that inkling – take a note on that open page of yours – even if it is simply to write on a piece of paper: I am here.

Fall 2021 Open Pages Topics:

September 20, 27, October 4

5 PM (pst), 7 PM (cst), 8 PM (est)

*replay will be available, see note below

Make Your Way – Finding a Purposeful Life Amidst an Unpredictable + Changing World

Live what matters workshop

October 10, 17, 24

9 AM (pst), 11 AM (cst), 12 PM (est)

*replay will be available, see note below

Meaningful Connection – Exploring the Terrain of Authentic Relationship (with Self + others)

Live what matters workshop

November 7, 14, 21

9 AM (pst), 11 AM (cst), 12 PM (est)

*replay will be available, see note below

The Deeper Truth of You – Navigating Fear and Doubt to Reveal the Faithful Path

Live what matters workshop

Each Open Pages Topic will include:

  • Three live 60-minute sessions, including 15 minutes for Paige’s responses to questions, thoughts and themes from listeners
  • Sessions will be held on Zoom – participants will not be on video
  • Session recordings will be accessible for three months