June 22, 2024 Paige Nolan

Something New for Y'all…

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 I get a lot of ideas about which projects to pursue in my work.

My job description is broad: I help people live their lives with more awareness + choice.

There are a hundred different pathways people can take to awareness and choice. On any given day, any one of these paths seems attractive to me – I could write a book, offer a workshop, plan a retreat, launch an online program.

The truth is, I don’t always follow through on my ideas. Or I try them for a minute and then decide to try a different one. Or I just get into my family and I don’t pursue any unique projects for a year or two.

This year, however, I did have an idea stick – and it’s the idea to start my own podcast.

Over the years, I’ve had clients suggest that I start a podcast. As much as it’s encouraging to have someone believe in your point of view enough to request that you share it more openly, I didn’t have the desire or energy to consider the significant effort that is a podcast.

And then, in August, this happened.  These two people got into a silver Jetta that we bought for them – and they drove to their high school campus and parked this car in a spot reserved for juniors.

Boyd and I stood in the driveway as they pulled off – we were sort of holding hands and sort of clutching each other – sort of terrified and sort of sad, sort of joyous and definitely proud. As soon as the car was out of sight, I had a rush of something to the head – space. Invigorating headspace!


With a fresh openness and a whole bunch of energy to create, I turned to Boyd and said the thing that didn’t surprise him at all, “I want to start to a podcast.”

He said the thing to me that didn’t surprise me at all, “OK, how can I help?”


And so began the journey of I’ll Meet You There – a podcast that is conversations with people I admire who are living a life that is true to their values and they’re willing to share the highs and lows of that journey.


It’s been humbling to venture into the podcast format – the microphone is unfamiliar, every button, every link, every technical detail is completely foreign to me, the psychology of being recorded is unnerving, the vulnerability of offering something to the world, which means exposing yourself to judgment – the reality that someone will listen once + never listen again and the hope that someone will listen once + look forward to next one all serve up an emotional experience that has been super exciting and at times, overwhelming.


I’ve had moments of really encouraging and supportive self-talk and I’ve had internal tirades peppered with f-bombs and also waves of apathy that I know are a common response to the frustration of being so new at something.


Ultimately, I’ve landed on a simple phrase that seems to be doing the heavy lift of my sometimes faltering “growth mindset” – that phrase is:


I am here to learn.


When I get those familiar feelings of self-doubt that I’ve faced my whole life, that I know you’ve faced, too – I often turn to the Big Picture.


 The Big Picture has always been a steadfast + liberating pathway for me.


I’m not interested in making a point – I’m interested in the whole point.


What is the whole point of it all? It’s definitely not to know. No one is born knowing.


We are here to learn. We are each born to experience – and come to our unique knowingness through living.


I am here to learn.


Try it this week. Try it when you’re not getting along with your teenager or you haven’t made eye contact with your spouse in three days.


Try it when your jeans don’t fit or you’re sitting next to your brother’s hospital bed as he recovers from surgery. Try it when you’re holding a boundary with an aging parent or you missed a deadline at work. Try it when the new dinner recipe you cook for the first time is a fail.


Try it when you realize you took on too many responsibilities this fall. Try it when you know you need to start something that scares you. Try it when he doesn’t call. Try it when she does. Try it when you’re not sure if you should take the job, sell the house, get another dog, change your medication or have that hard conversation with the friend who hurt your feelings last weekend.


I am here to learn. WE are here to learn.


Learning is actually the thing that makes us so complex and brilliant – and if we remember that it is one of the most exhilarating things about being human, we have a chance to mitigate how terribly vulnerable it is to be human.


At every turn, this community – YOU ALL – have given me a pathway to more awareness and choice. It’s with your curiosity, your engagement and our connection that I experience the whole point.


We get to learn together.


And I’m delighted that I’ll Meet You There podcast is something I can offer you – listen any time, anywhere – and be invited to learn, to feel less alone, to be inspired.


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As always, thank you for being here – I'm so grateful we get to take this journey together and meet each other right where we are!